Camera Pipe Inspections

We locate, inspect and identify pipe issues.  Our state of the art equipment has the ability to video and share our findings. 

24/7/365 Emergency Service 

We are available to handle emergency calls when you need us the most.

High Velocity Water Jetting

We employ the use of water jetting through pipes to flush clogs out of your system.  This process is very effective and is safe for healthy pipes. 

Experienced Drain Technicians

Our company has been in operation since 1964.  We are experienced, competent, respectful and very affordable.  We guarantee our work! 

Drain Cleaning 

No drain too large or too small for us.  We handle clogs for toilets, baths and kitchen sinks and tubs and showers.  All types of drains cleared to include:  laundry, dishwashers, roofs, floors, storm, catch basins, manhole systems, pool skimmer lines, main drains and area drains.  We also specialize in tree root removal.  All done completely environmentally friendly!

Maintenance Programs

We offer annual and as needed maintenance programs to our customers based on their specific needs.  

Troubleshooting leaks and clogs

We identify issues and have close relationships with local plumbers, pumpers and town water and sewer departments to ensure your problems are addressed. 

Our Service Area ​

We service Boston's South Shore for residential, commercial and industrial customers.  Got Drain Problems?   "Give Muzz A Buzz"' you'll be glad you did!